Milestone Therapy and Consultation

Milestone therapy and consultation is a multi-disciplinary team of licensed therapists providing education, consultation, and treatment of issues related to sexual misconduct. We provide comprehensive assessments, forensic evaluations, individual, and group therapy tailored to those with sexual behavior problems. Our priority is to ensure community safety and minimize reoffending.


In addition, Milestone consultants assists adults struggling with sex or pornography addiction and other sexual behavior problems. We have specialized programs for adults with criminal histories who are trying to rebuild their lives and live offense free in the community. We treat a vast spectrum of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sexual issues, addictions, anger management, communication difficulties, and sexual identity concerns. We also offer services to families affected by such struggles.

Milestone consultation works in collaboration with law enforcement, attorneys, probation officers, Department of Social Services, and other support systems to promote healthy living for those with sexual behavior problems. We recognize the importance of the uniqueness of an individual's risks, needs, and personal circumstances to be most effective to reduce risk. We do this through evidenced-based interventions including the Good Lives and Self-Regulation model. This model addresses both the promotion of a good life and management of risk. Our seasoned consultants offer variety of treatment modalities to address individual needs.